Faith comes by hearing.

Hearing the Gospel brings new life to communities in remote northern Canada. Nations One builds radio towers that broadcast the message of the Gospel, which bring joy, faith, and salvation to communities seeking new life.Learn More >

Starting with just one radio station in Pickle Lake, Ontario, we have expanded and have a vision to bring these stations to all First Nations people in Canada. Our desire is to connect, encourage, and strengthen the believers in these communities. We have partnered with local churches to provide teaching and to equip them to disciple their own people and communities.

Making disciples of all nations.

We equip native churches and individuals to disciple their own people. Due to the remote locations of many of our communities in Canada, many people have not heard a clear, concise message of the Gospel. Building radio towers across Canada allows us to share the Gospel, build relationships with First Nations people, and enables them to help others become more like Christ.Learn More >

One of our speakers, Gary Quequish, shared his testimony on the air one day in Ojicree, a native Canadian language. A man called in to the studio because he heard Gary’s message on the radio and urgently wanted to know what it meant. We connected the man right away with a team member at our studio who could speak with him in Ojicree. It turned out this man lived in the bush in a shack and walked five miles across a frozen lake when it was twenty degrees below zero for an hour and a half to the nearest phone because he had never heard the message of Jesus told that way. This man came to Christ and is serving the Lord today!

Building radio towers.

Our mission is to bring the hope of the Gospel through radio to communities in remote northern Canada. One of the key ways we do this is by building and maintaining radio towers. Based out of Duluth, Minnesota, we’re able to offer these communities Gospel-saturated programming that is by natives and for natives.Learn More >

As we continue to see the Gospel flourish, we are receiving requests for more towers to be built in neighboring communities. With your help, we can continue to provide Gospel content and build radio towers all across remote Canada.

Bringing new life.

Accepting the Gospel brings change on the inside, which leads to change on the outside. In these areas, many are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, depression, or extreme poverty. Nations One speaks to the heart and brings freedom, peace, joy, and hope.Learn More >

In the past, many missionary groups tried to change the external appearances and behaviors of First Nations people. Instead, they stripped these individuals of their culture and left them embittered toward religion as a whole. Instead of focusing on behavior, Nations One speaks to the heart. We believe outward change will naturally flow from inward transformation. People don’t need a list of rules telling them how to live their lives; they need the hope of Christ to meet their deepest needs.

As people grow in their relationships with Jesus, they start living differently. Fearful people have become confident in Christ. Others have found freedom from depression. We keep hearing how Nations One is bringing radical change to people’s lives, and we want to keep encouraging this change.

Renewing communities.

When individuals meet Christ, the change that begins in their hearts spreads to their communities. The Gospel creates a ripple effect that doesn’t just transform a single person, but the whole world. Learn More >

We have seen families start caring for one another, creating deeper ties as they reach out to one another in love. Unity in families then spills over to bring whole communities together through one message of hope. People are reading their Bibles together and even planting churches within their homes.

The radio is a light that is illuminating areas of darkness. As each person receives this light, they let it shine into every corner of their lives, ultimately bringing the joy of Christ to all the world!

Join us as we build life-giving radio towers in rural Canada. Let’s impact lives together.